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 Rules and Regulation

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulation   Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:18 pm

These rules are simplified or in addition to the Code of Conduct and the Loser Report rules. In times of conflict, the Code of Conduct takes precedence over rules here as these are made to keep the spirit of our Code of Conduct.

1. You may not harrass or abuse other players or Game Masters.
2. You must be respectful of other players or Game Masters. Do not disrupt events.
3. You may not use any botting programs.
4. You may not scam other players out of items or zeny.
5. You may not steal another guilds emblem and claim it as your own.
6. You will follow the naming policy as outlined in the Code of Conduct with character names, pet names, homunculus names, party names, or guild names.
7. You may not Kill Steal (KS). Do not attack or use skills on another players monster.
8. You may not skill spam or text spam in town.
9. You may not beg for items from other players or Game Masters.
10. You may not beg a Game Master to help you level.
11. You may not beg a Game Master to let you out of jail.
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Rules and Regulation
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