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 Signature Guidelines

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PostSubject: Signature Guidelines   Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:09 am

Signature Guidelines

Signatures or siggies in short terms are a combination of images and text that are automatically placed on the bottom of each and every one of your posts . Always remember that a signature should also have proper dimensions, should be neat and appropriate . To assure that, we ask that you follow these guidelines, but if you don't, you may find your signature box filled with an extremely horrid signature (placed at the bottom of this post), or a signature removal with a message from the mod who removed it .

1. Your signature cannot exceed the size of 500x300 pixels, that includes all pictures and text you place in your signature box . This size is already very generous and is way too big already for users who have an 800x600 screen resolution ! And it's kind of big for users that have 1024x768 screen resolutions also, so let's keep everyone in mind and be considerate .

2. No obscene pictures and/or text allowed . Examples are pictures and/or texts that have cursing words, someone flipping off, other offensive words, symbols, et cetera . Remember that we should all keep respect aura at each other here .

3. No sexual explicit or too suggestive pictures and/or text allowed .Such examples include pictures and/or texts displaying undergarment (panties,lingerie, etc.), human/animal/alien/etc genitalia, butts and breasts, pornographic-like materials, et cetera . We have young audiences here, thus we need not expose them of these things .

4. No advertisements, scary images, and/or other material that may breech other forum rules.You may not advertise other servers; this includes placing images and/or texts that has the name of the other server and/or a link to the server . Do not place scary images that contain such gore, blood, violence et cetera, remember that there are little kids playing this game too ! Please be considerate enough .

5. You may have animated pictures and multiple images in your signature box, but we ask that if you use animated pictures that you should have no more than three of them and that they remain smaller in pixels, because the more you have and the bigger they are, the more time it takes for someone to load the screen !

If you violate any of these, don't be surprised to see this kind of signature in your siggy box :

Player's warn level plus one day mute will be rendered if he/she got caught violating this rule.
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Signature Guidelines
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